Denver Post SUP article

Great article on the back page of today’s Denver Post about flatwater stand up paddleboard surfing.
Paddle boarding: Surf's up ... even in mountains' shadows
DENVER POSTS SPORTS By Lindsey R. McKissick Special to The Denver Post Read more: Paddle boarding: Surf's up ... even in mountains' shadows -

Entry added to article discussion section on the above article:

After the recent excellent coverage of river surfing SUP at the Teva Mountain Games and the Rocky Mountain Surf Festival, it was great to see the article on flatwater Stand Up Paddleboard Surfing in today’s Denver Post. The interest in flatwater SUP is exploding due to the range of ages and abilities that can participate. This Spring I have introduced 13 year old kids, as well as a 71 year old couple, to the joys of SUP. The article is correct in stating that almost anyone can do this. It takes me about 10 minutes to get a person from the shoreline to paddling away on a SUP board. The biggest obstacle is the fear of falling into cold water. This is understandable given Colorado’s snow fed waters, even in the “mountains’ shadows.” But the typical recreational SUP board is so stable that out of 25+ people that I have taught to SUP so far this year only 1 person has gotten more than their feet wet. The locations mentioned in the article are all great places to learn, Soda Lakes at Bear Creek Reservoir is especially nice for groups and families because of the other facilities available. I offer an Introduction to Stand Up Paddleboard Surfing for $25 per person. Individual, fitness, group coaching sessions and rentals are also available. This is so much fun that you have just got to try it. Web: Email: 720-635-SURF (7873)